Monday, 4 March 2013

A Dress a Day 1 ~ black midi

Because I seem to have quite a lot of dresses I thought I should blog about them all, so from today until I run out of dresses I will post a 'Dress a Day' blog showing a different dress each day (I probably won't remember everyday, but as often as I can!) with a possible way I would wear the dress in the day and in the evening.

I know taking pictures in mirrors is beyond
cringey but the timer on my camera
wasn't going too well!

So for my first post, it is this black midi dress which I got today as my mum got me a dress from New Look for my birthday but it was really similar to a dress I already had so I decided to return it today for one of these midi dresses which I have always liked!

The dress is black, midi length, has full length sleeves and a round neckline. It is really plain but its simplicity means it is a fun base to dress up!
Even though it is just made of a stretch cotton fabric and has a body con fit, I think the dress has a tailored look to it and is a flattering cut for most people! I thought it may end up a little too long on me as I am fairly short but it actually ended up being about right (I am around 5'4) The dress needs to fit well so make sure you get the right size!

So here is two ways I could wear it. The left shows an evening option of velvet black high heels with the dress and my hair down. If I was actually going out I would definitely have some accessories maybe gold jewellery and the black and gold Ted Baker bag which I blogged about previously!
The daytime alternative on the right is a possible way to wear the dress, in which I am wearing it with my hair in a high messy kind of ponytail and with a brown leather jacket and nude ankle boots which have a small heel (I doubt this dress would look good at all with flat shoes!) Again I would definitely have accessories on if I was going out, such as a brown satchel.

Sooooo thats my first Dress a Day blog with one dress, and two ways to wear it! I have a lot of dresses so there should be a lot of posts! :)

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