Monday, 4 March 2013

The Saturdays: Fashion Fast Forward

The Saturdays girl band quickly went from Fashion Fail to Fashion Forward as they gained fame
These are a few of their transformations from complete FAIL to so FETCH!

In the picture on the left The Saturdays are barley recognisable in their puffy PVC "dresses". Thankfully it was a long time ago now, and their fashion has moved on a lot since! As you can see on the right, they have learnt to co-ordinate as a band so that their colour schemes and general themes of outfits match yet their individual styles come through in the pieces they wear. A BIG improvement!

In trampy ripped skinny jeans and outdated crop tops, their stylist really needed a new day job! But in the more recent photograph on the right, the girl band are doing denim and leather A LOT better! Mollie's skater skirt and crop jumper is really flattering and exactly on trend! Una and Vanessa's leather jackets go great with their outfits, in contrast to the gaudy leather peep hole tops they wore on the left! Again they've stuck to a neutral colour scheme which suits them all and shown individuality
perfectly...and it works! 

A complete fashion fail here in matching glitter bodycon, in gaudy colours makes you wonder if it is the same group as can be seen on the right in cute black outfits accented with bright jewels on their clothes. They have really learnt how to wear sparkly stage outfits but still stay on trend.

The Fail on the left shows The Saturdays dressed in block colour panel knitted dresses and looking complete messes! Their idea of co-ordination really hasn't worked out...but clearly their Fetch transformation on the right shows that they really know how to dress for the red carpet now! They all look amazing in their white dresses, and I particularly like Mollie's sheer floor length dress which suits her perfectly!

Skin tight, satin playsuits really don't work as The Saturdays have shown us here! But summer florals with block colours and matching accessories really do work as the band have obviously realised...

So clearly, The Saturdays Fashion Fast Forward has taken them from Fail to Fetch very well! They obviously now know that there is no need to look like a 90s boy band that've been thrown up on by a bag of skittles!
One of the band members which I think dresses particularly well lately is Mollie who always wears cool and matching outfits that suit her style and shape. As you can see Rochelle also has particularly good style, but in general the whole band now dress really well!





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