Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Shaping Your Eyebrows

I usually have my eyebrows threaded but I actually haven't done in a while so I have been plucking them; which I actually hate doing but what can ya do! Threading does hurt but for me only as much or less than plucking and the results are totally worth the pain; my eyebrows always look so much better after threading and they shape them much better than I can ever pluck them.

As for filling in eyebrows, I used to do it sometimes with powders but I wasn't very good at it, my brows were sometimes uneven NOT A GOOD LOOK. I think everyone knows that eyebrows should be sisters and not twins, but it isn't at all attractive when they're distant cousins! Personally, I find it really hard to fill in my eyebrows really well, so they are an even and good shape which isn't too different to my natural brow.

So, I tried these EyeBrow Shaping Stencils from elf.com. They cost £1.50, so I thought I may as well "guinea pig" them!

So they are really straightforward, you just have to put one up to your face and fill the open area in with a powder or pencil, flip the stencil and do the same on the other side. There are four shapes to choose from and I tried two of them, I tried "full arch" and "structured arch" They are good for me as I find it difficult to fill my brows in. I needed to touch them up a bit after using the stencil, I had to make them slightly longer but for the basic shape they are really good and soooo quick to do!
Remember when filling in your eyebrows to line them up with your face, use a pencil to align them with your nose and make sure the start of the brow is in a direct straight line with the edge of your nostril and angle the pencil to check the brow ends in line with the outer corner of your eye and back to the nostril

These pictures show the process and result. Sorry about the stupid faces I am doing in some of them, I don't know whats wrong with me but as soon as anyone gets out a camera I seem to feel an urge to pull millions of pointless faces and pretty much hand out mugshots!

But definitely try these, they are so cheap and do help if you find getting an even shape difficult!

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  1. LOVE how your brows look! I need to try this, so thanks for sharing :) xo


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