Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Review: Soap and Glory: The scrub of Your Life

So for Easter instead of getting an Easter egg from my parents, I got to choose a soap and glory product instead after being completely won over by their amazing facial scrub I purchased earlier this year. After scanning the shelves in Boots I chose "The Scrub of Your Life" (a rather bold statement which in the end it did in fact live up to).  Soap and Glory always manage to smell lovely, look pretty and feel amazing while being affordable and lasting a long time, and this Scrub surely doesn't disappoint.
For £7 for 200ml this product has the quality of more luxurious and expensive body scrubs on the market paired with a very affordable and competitive price. 
The thing I love most about this product has to be the smell, it smells almost fruity and sweet and girly all at the same time and after using it you just can't help but embrace how great you smell. The actual scrub is a light pink gel with dark pink small grains inside, the grains give it quite a rough feel although it still feels relaxing and like the scrub is working. After using the scrub my skin was noticeably softer with less dry and flaky skin especially on my knees and elbows, although recommended to use only once or twice a week, I think I'm going to end up using this product every day just so I can smell of that wonderful fruity scent every day!

I would definitely tell anyone and everyone to go and buy this scrub immediately as like the name it is "The Scrub of Your Life"!


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