Thursday, 11 April 2013

OOTD: "No money, No family, 16 in the middle of Miami!"

My outfit for today's "Outfit of the Day" is actually now my assigned job interview outfit, and a very affordable interview outfit too, costing £13 for this little blue dress from Primark. 
The title of this outfit of the day is actually some song lyrics I've had stuck in my head for like the last week: "Work" by Iggy, so I thought why not put it as the title of this post especially as the "no money" part is quite appropriate right now after buying way too many clothes and tickets for festivals. *I regret nothing* And if you also have no money like me, for one I feel for you and two this dress is so cheap and so suitable for so many things even the "poor" (like me at the moment) can afford it! 

I've also seen this dress in quite a bright pink which looks quite nice too, the length is slightly short on me but I am 5ft10 so that's just normal for me. As far as sizing goes I am usually a size 8 but when in the shop they only had it in size 6 or 14+ so I just bought the size 6 anyway and thank goodness because of the stretchyness of the material its fits (that's the problem with Primark if you don't get there on the morning of their stock delivery all the size 8/10 and 12's are usually gone).
I would suggest that everyone should go and buy this dress as its cheap, will suit all figures, stretchy so is quite slimming, a nice colour and length, good for all weathers and plus you save £7 if you buy this dress instead of the almost identical Topshop one.

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