Tuesday, 30 July 2013

What is BB Cream?

Over the last few months there has been a lot of hype over BB Cream but there's still a lot of people that don't know exaclty what it is. So, I hear you ask, what is it then? Well BB Cream basically claims to be a miracle product...
In general BB Cream is supposed to do the following:

  • cover blemishes like a foundation
  • hydrate skin like a moisturiser
  • act as a face primer
  • help to clear up spots and oil
  • some even claim to even out pigmentation with prolonged use
  • protect skin with an SPF factor
  • contain no oil
  • brighten face and enhance skin's glow
BB Cream is pretty much aimed at people who don't need a huge amount of coverage, as an alternative to heavy foundations. But if you do need more coverage, then there are 'CC Creams' available which cover uneven skin and blemishes more, also many CC Creams contain anti-ageing ingredients.

So, if all of this is true, they sound amazing! BB Creams/CC Creams should be multiple products all in one but still feel light and fresh on the face. Also, they should be suitable for all skin types and they hydrate for dry skin but also clear pores for oily skin! There are many BB Creams around (some are made specifically for oily skin- Maybelline in particular make these, it does sound as if everyone can find a perfect BB Cream) some are from high street make up brands, as well as more upmarket ones but it seems like something to try at least once!

So in true Gary Barlow style, they sound ABSOLOOOUUUTELY FAAANTAAASTIC!

Oh! And if you are curiously wondering what "BB" stands for....it is "Beauty Balm" !
I hope this answered all your BB related questions!
P.S. I recently ordered a Maybelline BB Cream and the review will be linked here once I have written it!


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  2. Ohh thanks for this post! Ive just learned theres a DD cream to add to the list of double letter balms ^_^

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    1. Oooh they just keep going then! Haha :') Will check out your blog! :)


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