Monday, 23 September 2013

Back-to-School: Lookbook

I'm a bit late with all the back-to-school series things, but here it is. I know a lot of schools can wear any clothes or have a full uniform but at my sixth form we have a dress code that says you have to be dressed smart, so either way, here's some ideas for you anyway!

I am fully aware of how cringey an iPhone-mirror selfie is and I am suitably ashamed of these pictures of myself...but as I seem to be late EVERY morning, this is the easiest way to get a photo of my outfit!

1. Glasses shirt: Forever 21
Black trousers: Primark
Moustache shoes: Primark 
Glasses and moustache necklace: Topshop

2. Sheer top with vest: American Eagle
Brown Skirt with belt: Primark
Cream frill socks: Topshop
Bag: Primark
The brogues are from a small shop near where I live

3. Sheer shirt: Fashion Avenue
Black Vest: Tesco
Cat print skirt: H&M
Black "cosy" tights: Primark
I NEED those tights in my life, they have a soft lining of brushed cotton and are SO warm! I wore them skiing and they kept me warm (well as warm as you can be in -14 degrees the snow...on top of a mountain...)

4. Black coat: Primark
Top: see outfit 2
Assymetric skirt: H&M
And my cosy tights have made another appearance!

5. Stripey shirt: H&M
Trousers: see outfit 1
I did wear shoes -although I don't appear to have put them on yet!

6. Blue shimmery dress with brown belt: Primark (in the kid's section)
Blue and brown loafers: Primark
Blue spotty bag: Primark

7. Top: see outfit 2
Brown with shimmery thread skirt: Topshop
Silver belt: New Look
The scarf I "borrowed" from my Mum's wardrobe (hehehe...)
Although, on this day I was told my outfit was innapropriate as my skirt was "too short" and "too sparkly" (can't say i disagree to be honest) so yeah maybe don't try this one...

8. Glasses shirt: see outfit 1
Black skater skirt: eBay

9. Green floral dress: Primark
Cardigan: Depop
Cream frill socks: see outfit 2
Brogues: see outfit 2
Bag: see outfit 2
And I made the flower headband

That's a few of my outfits over the last few weeks then! PEACE ✌

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