Sunday, 22 September 2013

How to: Updo Hairstyles

Here are some tips and ideas for a few of my favourite updo hairstyles!

I left my hair natural after washing it but brushed some of the curls out, and parted it as normal which for me is fairly central but just slightly to one side. Then i took the front sections on either side, twirled them tightly backwards and clipped behind my ears. To finish, I tied my hair in a ponytail at the base of my head.
If your hair isn't curly then I would loosely roll it with a curling wand and brush it through, also if you need to, add some volume spray and backcomb the hair at the back before tying the ponytail up.

Side Plait:
Again, I left my hair natural but brushed a lot of the curls out of it so it was wavy. Pretty simply, I pulled all the hair to one side and plaited it normally. Then I pulled some hairs loose to sit around my face.
And...if you're hair isn't wavy/curly add some salt spray or texturising moose.

High Ponytail:
I straightened my hair and parted it more to the side than I usually would, pulled it all backwards and upwards to a ponytail and tied it up tightly; making sure that I left some volume in the front. To finish it, I pulled a strand of hair out above my ear et voila!

Grecian Style:
This worked well on my hair when it was natural but not newly washed. I parted it just slightly to one side and twirled each side loosely and pinned it backwards towards the back of my head. Then I used A LOT of bobby pins to get the rest of my hair in place, and rolled all my hair from the bottom up inwards and clipped it all to the base of my head, and twas done!

That's it then!

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