Monday, 10 June 2013

OOTD: This Girl is on Fire

Yo! I have been doing way too much blogging lately for someone who should be revising for exams! But hey, what can ya do, eh! I might as well carry on with another outfit of the day!
About a week ago, Louise won tickets for us to see Alicia Keys at the O2 which was cool, and most exciting of all, it was an outfit oppertunity! (as sad as that sounds, it really did excite me!)
Sooooo this is what I wore to the concert.....

For someone who is not a big fan of pink, I seem to be wearing every shade imaginable!
The dress:  is from the kids section in Primark and I think it cost £8
The reason I decided to shop in the kids section was because things like skater dresses are always just a bit too long on me, so I thought I'd try shopping in the kids section and decided to try Primark first. That dress was the only one that I liked and so I bought it....and I think it is 10-11 years. Great to know I am the height of an 11 year old.... :') Plus, kids clothes are cheaper!
The shoes: are black strappy heels with cork platform and pink trim. They're from Boohoo and are £25. They are so easy to wear and walk in because the platform is quite big compared to the height of the heel. They are comfy and didn't hurt, even after I had them on for hours. Definitley recommend them :)
The accessories: The bag was a birthday present and my blog about it is here: . I also wore beauty UK pink nail varnish on my fingers and tootsies in 'No.31 Neon Pink'. And skin coloured tights from Tesco, THEY ARE THE BEST NUDE TIGHTS! Always buy them in Tesco! And now I've calmed down about tights...the skinny silver belt is from New Look and the lipstick is from e.l.f in 'sociable'

That's it then! The concert was good, as we're not the biggest Alicia Keys fans we swayed along to the songs, then left a bit early for Starbucks hot chocolates!

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