Monday, 3 June 2013

Start of the festival season: Coachella fashion

As summer is finally here, that means there will be lots of festivals in the next couple of months soooo I thought I'd start it off with the celebrity fashion at American festival Coachella (I know it was a couple of months ago but hey!)
A lot of celebs go to Coachella and it looks AMAZING sooooo to celebrate the start of summer and festivals to come here is some festival fashion!

Katy Perry
Selena WERKED it
Katy wore a floral crop top, big black sunglasses and quite an unusual skirt! Personally, I love the top however Selena Gomez wore the same top to an event, with an orange bodycon skirt and looked amazing! And as much as I really love Katy Perry, I have to admit that I prefer Selena in the top as I loveeeee Selena's outfit so much...the skirt went far better than Katy's. To be honest I dont think the outfit does anything for Katy's body, the skirt isn't flattering at all.

Vanessa Hudgens
....appears to be wearing her Nan's underwear to a festival...! Her big curly hair does look nice with the dark rose headband but that's just about all she got right.... The dark lipstick is too strong for the summer and her John Lennon-esque sunglasses just don't work with the outfit.

Lindsey Lohan
Well she was so desperate to go to Coachella that she postponed you'd hope she made an effort for it! Lindsey Lohan wore a short, fitted white dress which did quite suit her, it was simple and pretty. Also, her bag and sunglasses were both very nice (although she has two pairs of sunglasses...theyre both nice!)

That's it for Coachella celebrity fashion!

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  1. I really really love festival fashion! Love selena a outfit! x


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